FNSI For January

Hi All,
          It has been a while since I have typed up what I have been up to.
I joined a Facebook group called Patchwork Of The Crosses.  I was to do a test Patchwork Of The Crosses Block.  I have almost finished it.
As you can see I have a few edges to complete. The other sewing items I have been working on are Hexagons.

I was hoping the photos would be the other way around.  As you can see I am still going with the Hexagons.
I hope to be able to post more items in my next blog post.
See you all later.  


Hi All,
          I have finished my Christmas swaps.  I made 2 small bags, Hexagon Coasters and 2 mug rugs. I have also made a few other things but cannot show you those just yet.
           Doing this on my iPhone, as I am away from home at Dubbo, NSW.  Brandon our Son is having a Presentation Ceremony at his Distance Education School tomorrow morning.  Brandon and I will arrive back home tomorrow night on the bus.  It is great to know that I can do blog posts on my phone. I needed to download an app to download photos onto here.  The label the you see on the Hexagon Coaster was a gift from Lin Tarrant.  They are great, easy to sew on with the sewing machine too.  Thank you very much Lin.
        Sorry I am late posting this blog, I have been busy getting the Christmas Swaps done.  Also busy  doing Friendship blocks for a Friendship Quilt I will make when I receive my blocks which will hopefully be this Sunday.
             Gun club is on this Sunday and a friend from Walgett will bring my Friendship blocks and my Christmas present that I received from the Walgett Quilters Christmas party.  I received a beautiful Table Runner,  I will post a photo when I do a Friendship Quilt Blocks blog post.
             Brett and I were going to go over to Walgett for the Walgett Quilters Christmas party, but as we had rain we had to stay put.

           Last Friday and Saturday we had 44 and a half ml of rain.  The rain was great to see and hear on the roof.  I have photos, I will do that in another blog post though.

Christmas Swaps and Beading

Hi All,
          Sorry I am late doing this blog post. I am still working on my Hexagon bag from a few weeks ago..  I have the hexagons done, I just need to put the bag together.

Christmas Swaps
                           I have 3 Christmas swaps to do.  I have made Hexagons to applique onto some pink fabric. I have one almost appliqued all the way around on the fabric.  I will make these into small Mug Rugs. Also  I have Machine Embroidered some Humming Birds so I can add those to some Hexagon Coasters and have Christmas Fabric for the backing on the Coasters.

A Hexagon appliqued onto the pink fabric.

          Machine Embroidered Humming Birds.  I still need to cut the Threads.  When I was doing the Machine Embroidery I took one of the wrong threads so that is why they look different.


             One of the Facebook Groups I am in has a competition our Group Members can enter.  Videos were posted within the group and you watch the videos to find a technique to try.
Here is what I have done so far.
I still need to finish the red one at the top and add around 5 lots of green beads.  My first go at adding beads to fabric.  I found them fiddly and hard to do at first.  It is easier to do now.

That is it for now.

I have been sewing Hexagons together to make a small travel bag.
 The link to the free pattern is: https://www.redhandledscissors.com/2014/07/tutorial-pincushion-english-paper-piecing-travel-kit/  Having a practice go at making the bag as I may make some for a few Christmas swaps that are coming up.

Going back a few weeks ago, I received a lovely present from Lin Tarrant who lives in France.  A lovely card and 2 Hexagon flowers.  It was Lin’s turn to swap Hexagon flowers with me.  Lin and I are in the same Facebook group. 

  These were also in the parcel that I received from Lin.  A small handmade bag, 3 different cottons, 2 plastic containers of beads, some body wash and a small handmade pin cushion, also ribbon. They are all amazing and beautiful.  Thank you very much Lin.  I will treasure them all.


My First blog post

Going back years ago, I was in Dubbo, NSW, staying with family.  Friends of our family that I had not met where staying at my Brother in Law's place for a few days Jan was into Patchwork and Quilting and was doing some applique at the time.
        I asked what she was doing and she explained applique to me.  Jan had some quilt magazines with her and let me have a look through them.  I told Jan that Patchwork and Quilting looks interesting.  Jan said to me she would send some Quilt Magazines to have a look at.
I looked at the patterns and picked out some that I liked.
          A few years later I decided I would like a Sewing Machine for my Birthday.  Brett bought me a Brother BM 2600 Sewing Machine, Gutterman Threads and a Pin cushion.  About a week later I bought some fabric from Spotlight in Dubbo and started making a Quilt.
Here is a photo of my first Quilt.

 The pattern was called Imperial Blue. I cut out squares. sewed those together, added sashing, then a border.  Some of the quilt is hand sewn as I was back at Mum and Dad's place and did not have my Sewing Machine with me.

FNSI For January

Hi All,           It has been a while since I have typed up what I have been up to. I joined a Facebook group called Patchwork Of The Cros...