Christmas Swaps and Beading

Hi All,
          Sorry I am late doing this blog post. I am still working on my Hexagon bag from a few weeks ago..  I have the hexagons done, I just need to put the bag together.

Christmas Swaps
                           I have 3 Christmas swaps to do.  I have made Hexagons to applique onto some pink fabric. I have one almost appliqued all the way around on the fabric.  I will make these into small Mug Rugs. Also  I have Machine Embroidered some Humming Birds so I can add those to some Hexagon Coasters and have Christmas Fabric for the backing on the Coasters.

A Hexagon appliqued onto the pink fabric.

          Machine Embroidered Humming Birds.  I still need to cut the Threads.  When I was doing the Machine Embroidery I took one of the wrong threads so that is why they look different.


             One of the Facebook Groups I am in has a competition our Group Members can enter.  Videos were posted within the group and you watch the videos to find a technique to try.
Here is what I have done so far.
I still need to finish the red one at the top and add around 5 lots of green beads.  My first go at adding beads to fabric.  I found them fiddly and hard to do at first.  It is easier to do now.

That is it for now.

I have been sewing Hexagons together to make a small travel bag.
 The link to the free pattern is:  Having a practice go at making the bag as I may make some for a few Christmas swaps that are coming up.

Going back a few weeks ago, I received a lovely present from Lin Tarrant who lives in France.  A lovely card and 2 Hexagon flowers.  It was Lin’s turn to swap Hexagon flowers with me.  Lin and I are in the same Facebook group. 

  These were also in the parcel that I received from Lin.  A small handmade bag, 3 different cottons, 2 plastic containers of beads, some body wash and a small handmade pin cushion, also ribbon. They are all amazing and beautiful.  Thank you very much Lin.  I will treasure them all.


My First blog post

Going back years ago, I was in Dubbo, NSW, staying with family.  Friends of our family that I had not met where staying at my Brother in Law's place for a few days Jan was into Patchwork and Quilting and was doing some applique at the time.
        I asked what she was doing and she explained applique to me.  Jan had some quilt magazines with her and let me have a look through them.  I told Jan that Patchwork and Quilting looks interesting.  Jan said to me she would send some Quilt Magazines to have a look at.
I looked at the patterns and picked out some that I liked.
          A few years later I decided I would like a Sewing Machine for my Birthday.  Brett bought me a Brother BM 2600 Sewing Machine, Gutterman Threads and a Pin cushion.  About a week later I bought some fabric from Spotlight in Dubbo and started making a Quilt.
Here is a photo of my first Quilt.

 The pattern was called Imperial Blue. I cut out squares. sewed those together, added sashing, then a border.  Some of the quilt is hand sewn as I was back at Mum and Dad's place and did not have my Sewing Machine with me.

Christmas Swaps and Beading

Hi All,           Sorry I am late doing this blog post. I am still working on my Hexagon bag from a few weeks ago..  I have the hexagons do...